Thursday, May 8, 2014

Riley Blake Christmas Fabric

It's the time of year to start thinking about your holiday projects.  Riley Blake Christmas fabrics have been sent and I expect to receive them very soon.  Here are a few free Christmas quilt projects from Riley Blake.


These fabrics are coming soon at Christmas Jul!!!




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Monday, May 5, 2014

Holiday Fusible Applique'

Even though it's only's a great time to plan your Christmas quilt projects.  Last year I made a really great quilt top, which I sold at Christmas Jul just days after I made it.  It was a super sweet Flimsy.  This year, I am making another one, and while I have the pattern drawn on the fusible web, I haven't picked out the fabrics yet.  I love the red and white, but I don't have some of these fabrics this year.  I am thinking about going with a blue and silver colorway, but I love the red and white too.  Maybe I should do two.  I will post what I do, so check back.

I used a combination of woven cotton and batik cottons to make this quilt.  Both fabrics work for fusible appliqué.

The pattern comes from this wonderful book by Cheryl Almgren Taylor.

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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Christmas Placemat Tutorial

Okay....Snowflakes;0.  This tutorial can be used with any fabrics.  I have a Christmas shop so lots of Winter fabric.

It's never too early to start those Christmas projects;)

For 6 Placemats You will need
3/4 yards for the main part of the placemat (main fabric)
1/4 yard for the side of the placemat (side fabric)
1/8 yard for the accent piece (accent fabric)

1 yard for the back of the placemat
1 yard of batting
1  yard for the binding

I always wash my placemat fabric before making the mats to preshrink the fabric.  If you use cotton batting, wash that too.  If you use polyester batting, you don’t have to prewash it.

Placemats add character and charm to your table every day.  In addition they are great table protectors.  I like to have lots and lots of placemats for every occasion.  They are easy and fun to make.  

Step 1

From the 'main fabric' cut 6 rectangles that measure 12-1/2” by 13”.  

From the 1/4 yard of 'side fabric,' cut 6 rectangles that measure 4-1/4” X 12-1/2”.

From the 1/8 yard of 'accent fabric,' cut 6 rectangles, 1-1/2” X 12-1/2

You can cut your pieces any way you want, but I like to cut all of my pieces at once.  It saves time.  Here is the procedure I used to cut the pieces for these placemats.

Fold your main fabric in half, matching salvage edges. Lay it on your cutting mat with one side on your '0' line as shown. Trim your fabric at the '0' line to make a straight edge.  Line your ruler up to make a straight cut on the 13" line as shown. Cut fabric into 2 pieces as shown.

 Lay the one strip on top of the other and turn fabric over and line up the straight edge on the 13" line.  Cut along the '0' line to make both edges straight.

You want these to measure 12-1/2" so lay your ruler on the fabric at the 12-1/2 mark and cut.  You see I used two rulers.  This is because I don't have a wide enough long ruler.  I use the square ruler to line up the 12-1/2" line and the long ruler to cut the straight edge.  My long ruler is 8-1/2" so I need to line up the 4" line on the square ruler and be sure the two rulers are together. 

You now have 2 pieces of fabric that are 12-1/2" X 42" fabric that is folded in half so 4 layers of fabric.  Turn your fabric around so you can lay your ruler on the folded edge, lining up the 6-1/2 line on the ruler with the fold of the fabric.  Cut.

On the remaining piece, lay your ruler on the 13 line of the ruler and cut.  You should have 6 pieces that are 
12-1/2" X 13".

Next, from your accent fabric, cut (2) 2-1/2" strips.  I know this is wrinkly.  It happened in the dryer and wouldn't iron out all the way.  It will be okay, you'll see. Cut these two strips into (6) 2-12" X 12-1/2" strips.

Cut (6) 4-1/4" X 12-1/2" strips from your side fabric.  

You will have 6 pieces of each-13"X12-1/2" main fabric, 4-1/4" X 12-1/2" side fabric, 2-1/2" X 12-1/2" accent strips.

Step 2

Fold your accent pieces in half, with right sides together.  Press.  Place on the right side of each of the 4-1/4” X 12-1/2” rectangles as shown.  Line up the raw edges.  Stitch in place.

 Step 3
Lay this finished pieces on top of the placemat main fabric (12-1/2” by 13”) with right sides together, matching the edges.  Stitch together as shown. Press the seam toward the side fabric. 

Step 4
Make a ‘fabric sandwich’ with your backing fabric, your batting and your placemat top, as shown.

Step 5
Quilt your placemat anyway you desire.  For these placemats, I used my walking stitch with the left and right seam guide attachments.  I set the attachment at the 2" mark.

First I machine quilted 'in the ditch' along the seam connecting the accent stitch to the side fabric.  Next, I marked the center of the mat, then sewed along the line.


 I used the seam guide the rest of my seams.  I folded the accent fabric up and started the seams under it.

 After stitching the seams on the main fabric, I did a second quilting stitch on the accent fabric, closer to the edge. You can quilt these however you want though.  You can do a free motion design, a different design with your walking foot...whatever you want.

Step 6
Trim your placemats, using your rotary cutter and ruler.

Step 7
Bind your placemats
For 6 placemats, I cut (11)strips 2-1/2" X Width of Fabric (WOF).  I sew these strips together on the diagonal. Lay the strips together as shown.  You will have about a half inch over on each strip so you can cut off the salvage edge when you cut the excess fabric off your really long strip.  If you line your intersecting point up with '0' line on your tray, and follow up, you will get a straight line and you won't have to draw the diagonal line on each strip. 

Trim the excess, leaving a 1/4" seam allowance. 

Press to one side, then fold your strip in half, wrong sides together and press.

Click HERE If you are new to quilt binding. There is a detailed tutorial for binding.

For this project I am going to machine sew all of my binding, rather than machine sew and then hand sew so I sew the binding to the WRONG side of my placemat.  


Press the binding away from the back side of the placemat.

Turn the placemat over and lay the folded edge of the binding just over the top of the seam. Press and pin in place.  

You want to sew a seam close to the folded edge, but in just enough so the seam stays on the binding fabric on the other side.

When you are finished, you will have 6 placemats that look just like this.  Aren't they cute.  

If you want to see this tutorial in Spring Fabrics, check out my Run 'n Stitch Blog HERE.  I posted a couple of different tips on Run 'n Stitch. This pattern is just the beginning of what you can do.  You can play with this basic pattern and come up with the look that works for you.  If you try it, let me see what you make!

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