Saturday, March 15, 2014

Christmas Embroidery

Embroidery is one of the oldest methods for embellishing cloth.  It was used by the Chinese in the 5-3rd Century BC.  My grandmother taught me to embroider when I was very young.  Back in the '70's this skill came in handy when the style was to embellish jeans with cute little embroidered things. It is also a necessary skill for creating the beautiful Norwegian Bunads worn on Norwegian Independence Day in our little town. Embroidery is a nice skill to have in my repertoire of needle craft skills.

If you are planning a Christmas Embroidery project, it's time to start.  

I am happy to carry Christmas embroidery patterns from Bird Brain Designs.  I met the two sisters behind Bird Brain Designs at the Road To California Quilt Show a few years ago.  I started carrying their embroidery patterns in Christmas Jul shortly after that.  The other thing I learned about from Robin and Tina was that Sulky Fabri-Solvi is the wonder material.  So I tried it and it is amazing.  I carry this item too.  You can print your pattern on the sheet, or draw it on, and then stick the sheet to your fabric, embroider, then pull it off when you are done.  The think I love about it is that your fabric stays clean.  You know how all the dirt and oil comes off your hands onto your work when you are embroidering...When you use Fabric-Solvy, all that stuff can't get to the fabric.

Here are some things I have right now in Christmas Jul.

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